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Can a Thermal Camera Lie?


Thermal imaging is becoming increasingly popular as well as an important pinpointing process in today’s businesses as well as in homes.

It can help prevent fires from starting from electrical failures, therefore, many electricians are recommended to carry thermographic cameras and take surveys as a part of their profession to find and resolve wiring complications.

A thermographic survey works just as fast and more practical than a regular camera achieve.

Therefore, if a regular camera, read point and shoot then rely on your computer software to visualize the image can be effective, would that be a lie? If a regular camera can do all of that, then a thermal camera has the same capacity as picking up heat signatures that a camera achieve.

Thermal cameras work very similar to cameras where they point, shoot, and rely on your computer software in order to give you the proper amount of information.

 However some people may in misinterpret the visuals that a thermographic camera can give, therefore, some people may not understand the visuals, thus thinking that the lie.

In order to fully understand more of thermography and their cameras, you need to learn that their lens allows infrared radiation to transfer through an infrared sensor.

The programming within thermographic camera then decipher the radiation into a graphical image that can be observed on screen and evaluated. The programming of the thermographic camera uses analysis through radiation and heat patterns in order to pinpoint the problems.

Those that do not know how it thermographic camera can work, may misunderstand the conclusions that the camera conducts.

For example, light reflections, or different heat signatures can be also misinterpreted.

Surfaces like aluminum or even copper can be seen from radiation of the metal itself, when in fact the radiation or thermal energy could be coming from an object that is close to the surface of the metal.

Those that do not know how to read a thermographic camera can misinterpret or give you false information on the problem at hand.

 Therefore, it is wise that you speak to an expert auditor who has the understanding and knowledge of the thermographic camera, as well as the training to read the reports at the thermographic camera gives.

If an expert who is trained in reading a thermographic camera has been told that there were reports were false, then most businesses will ask for a second opinion outside of the original company that took the readings.

Overall, in order to analyze and understand a thermographic reading, the proper training is recommended. There’s a lot of information that is required in order to properly and analyze it thermographic reading that is been taken by a thermographic.

 So in order to prevent any misrepresentations or inaccuracies on a thermographic camera make sure you get an inexperienced professional who understands the entirety of the thermographic cameras to get a correct and accurate report.