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Locating Levels In Tanks And Silos


Thermography is considered to be the most powerful tool that can be used to verifying and determining the level of silos and tanks.

In addition, the infrared thermal imaging can also be used to detect the existence of the sludge, waxes and foams that causes the bad problem in the future.

In silos, infrared thermal imaging helps us to know more about the bridging problems in the fluidized solids. Thus, it is said that this equipment gives the reliable results which can be used to give more information to the customers.


Why Is It Important?

It has been known that the instrument to check the level of silos and tanks sometimes gives the unreliable results. This cause many people think that the role of the infrared thermal imaging is highly helpful when the tanker ship arrive to carry liquid in the great amount.

Here, the operator should understand very well about the maximum capacity of the tank so that it will not cause the liquid overflows that lead to the dangerous situation.

When you just rely on the existing equipment to know the level of liquid and to check the sludge or foams, it is absolutely difficult to deal with.

If you defoam the tank, it will cost you million dollars. In the other side, a thermographer working in the petrochemical plant hired the man to clean the large tank.

Since the tank is not inspected with the infrared thermal imaging before cleansing, the oozing of the sludge and the level of the liquid is still above the limit and it causes the environmental problems.


How Can The Infrared Thermal Imaging Help?

The use of the infrared thermal imaging has been tremendously helpful for the operator to detect the level of silos and tanks precisely.

In this case, the liquid contained in the tanks and silos will emit the heat with different capacities. It is said that the heat capacity of the solid and liquid is similar; this can be seen through the infrared thermal imaging.

The key determining about the level of silos and tanks still quite difficult to detect since it is affected by the wind, ambient air temperature and wind precipitation.

Again, if the use of the infrared thermal imaging is thought to be difficult to determine the level of tanks and silos due to some factors, the use of this equipment still works well when you inspect the level in the particular condition.

If you want to see the level of the gas, it is advisable to inspect in the daylight, while the liquid is in the night. So, you must consider the right time to do accurate inspection.