Testing Equipment Safety Using Infrared Thermography


Infrared thermography is a Non-Destructive (NDT) technique to inspect mechanical and electrical equipment from any probable malfunction. Additionally, these thermography instruments use infrared sensors to detect even the slightest change in standard operating temperature of the apparatus.

 Unusually high heating of the device or abnormal temperature is an indication that something is wrong with the equipment and a crucial hint in identifying and resolving the problem before it causes any damage.

This testing apparatus applies to use in the areas below :

  • Supermalls
  • Factories and industries
  • Airports and ports
  • High-rise buildings

HospitalsFor the industries that are capital intensive or make use of a lot of equipment and machinery, they must ensure they often check on the operating health of every machinery and equipment.

 It is because any slight breakdown might prove to be hazardous and hamper the whole production process.

The use of thermography testing makes use of infrared and subsequently results in saving resources, effort and time for every industry as well as offering a secure and safe working environment.

Discussed below are some advantages of the use of a testing tool ;

Uninterrupted Operations

It is a testing tool which uses the NDT technique meaning that equipment and machine which undergo a test are not stopped or touched to undergo an inspection. Therefore, the machine undergoes real-time testing while still functioning so as not to cause any interruptions in the operations.

Fast detection and Quick Solutions

Since the testing is done real time, it saves plenty of time which would have been spent by the maintenance staff trying to figure out the problem and troubleshoot the issue. It would consequently disrupt the operations.


The overheated electric panels, terminals, machines, breakers, cables, and relays among others can result in fire hazards. Thus, early and real-time discovery of overheated or defective equipment subsequently creates a safe and secure working environment.

Equipment Life

By preventing the development of any hitch in the normal functioning of the machinery, the equipment’s usable life is extended hence saving your business the replacement cost.

Non-Hazardous Inspection

It is an inspection method which uses infrared thermography which is not perilous because the testing apparatus does not contact machines getting tested. Furthermore, it does not emit any radiation or electromagnetic rays that can make the working environment unsafe to work.

Efficient Maintenance Report

Through equipment testing which monitors the conditions of several operating machines then records the date at the different point of functioning, you get exact data needed for maintenance. This data can be presented as color charts, thermal photos and printouts hence ensuring easy examination, fault detection as well as repairs.

Precise Areas of Fault Detection

  • An imbalanced load between R S T phases
  • A bad or defective electric cable connection hence causing overheating and stress
  • Overheating due to deviation harmonics or magnetic inductions
  • Overloading the cable or machine can result in frequently burnt wires, trips, heated motor to mention a few
  • Any leaks present in the boilers, steam pipes, insulation, and cooling pipes
  • Overheating because of frictions in axle or bearings as well as poor lubrication