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Understanding Infrared Camera Thermal Image Quality


You do not have a doubt to repurchase the new camera since it offers you with the good quality of being able to capture the picture with the amazing image quality.

In other word, the number of pixel in the camera determines the quality of the pictures and it does happen to the infrared thermal camera which is very important equipment that helps the plumber or engineer to detect the water leakage, problem with electric insulation and many more.

As stated above, the quality of the picture plays the significant role in providing the customers with the most reliable inspection so that it is necessary to purchase the infrared thermal camera with the high quality of pictures.

In this regard, there are some factors that affect the quality of picture displaying by the thermal camera such as pixel resolution, thermal sensitivity and non-uniformity correction.


Pixel Resolution

As the number of pixel resolution is considered to be most crucial thing to get the best quality of the pictures, what you need to know is that there are some pixels ranging from low to high.

The low resolution is 19.600 pixels (160×120), the medium resolution is 76,800 pixels (320×240) and the high resolution is 307,200 pixels (640×480).

When it deals with the infrared thermal camera, you are encouraged to purchase the equipment that offer the high resolution so that the pictures will not be blurred when it is zoomed or used to capture in the long distance.


Thermal Sensitivity

Thermal sensitivity can be defined into how well the infrared thermal camera will image when you improve the image contrast.

It is also said that thermal sensitivity is determined by the temperature of the object so that as you inspect the hotter objects, the signal and the ratio will improve.

But, problem may arise when you inspect the interior of the building where the temperature is cold due to the high moisture.

Here, you need to deal with the thermal sensitivity by adjusting the contrast of the infrared thermal camera.  


Non-uniformity Correction

It is stated that the number of pixels will improve and the emissivity will enhance when the non-uniformity correction process happens.

In the infrared thermal camera there is a microbolometer imaging array in which it deals with the variation of pixels toward the infrared energy emitting from the objects.

If the object is not corrected with the non-uniformity correction, it can be considered that the pictures will have the bad pixels and vice versa.

There are so many benefits obtained by the engineers when working with the infrared thermal camera with the high image quality.

In this regard, the infrared thermal camera will be able to detect the heat problem more intuitively, to inspect the target in the various distances and to yield the best images as you go for inspection for the problem.

Thus, it is important to consider about those factors determining the images resulted from the thermal camera.