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Best IR Illuminator For Security Camera

Best IR Illuminator For Security Camera

Are you looking for the best IR illuminator for security cameras? If you are, then you have come to the right place. IR illuminators are the perfect devices that allow you to maximize the function of any of your night vision devices. These devices work by brightening up images that are lacking when it comes to definition and detail. They do this by emitting infrared light in the light spectrum, which is pretty amazing.

There are so many great infrared illuminators that you can get on the market. However, we have a list of recommended IR illuminators that you have to consider. Here is a review of the top infrared illuminators that you can buy with a variety of budgets.


What is an IR Illuminator?

Before we give you some recommendations, let’s talk about what an IR illuminator is. You might be using night vision devices such as goggles, scopes, binoculars, monocular, or a security surveillance camera. The function of these devices will be enhanced with the help of an infrared illuminator, allowing you to see clearly when nighttime comes.

Night vision devices use light to be able to function. At nighttime, these devices will struggle when it comes to producing clear images because often it is pitch black where there is no light at all. Without any light, they will not be able to produce any images at all.

You can shine a regular flashlight or create a light source so that these night vision devices can function. However, that defeats the actual purpose of a night vision device itself, where it will not keep you hidden from anyone’s view. This is where infrared light comes to save the day. The infrared right is the best solution because it is invisible to the human eye but is perfectly visible to these night vision devices.

Night vision devices such as a security camera usually already have a built-in infrared light to be able to overcome nighttime. However, these built-in lights might not be the best when it comes to quality. That is why you need to get yourself the best IR illuminator for security camera that you can find.


Security Systems IR Illuminators

An outdoor home security system is a very important thing to have to keep your house safe. Its function is especially important during nighttime, where your house might be more vulnerable to nocturnal visitors or even burglars. Problem is, home security cameras often do not have the best night vision. Even the ones that claim to have great night vision will often disappoint. That is why investing in an IR illuminator is a great solution to this little problem of yours.

As we have said before, an IR illuminator will help your home security camera to see better at night without having to create a light source yourself. You do not want to have an unpleasant visit from your neighbor because you install floodlights, do you? The best IR illuminator for security camera is the best solution. However, you have to remember several things before you buy an IR illuminator. You have to check the wavelength of the IR illuminator as well as the wavelength of your home security camera’s night vision. Here are some great IR illuminators that you can get for your security camera.


CMVision LED Long Range IR Illuminator

The first illuminator that we recommend is a great option if you want to cover large spaces. The CMVision LED Long Range IR Illuminator has up to 400 feet of range and contains around 198 IR LEDs. You will also get a rotating joint that the product is mounted on, allowing you to get a variety of angles. You can turn the illuminator only at nighttime or at all times. Unfortunately, this illuminator has quite a short cord.


CMVision 114 LED IR Illuminator

The next product that you should consider is less powerful than the first one we mentioned. However, it is a more affordable alternative that you can get. This product has 114 LEDs and a range of 300 feet. The CMVision 114 LED IR Illuminator is also mounted on a rotating joint for better coverage. The cord in this product is also unfortunately short.


Univivi IR Illuminator 8-LEDs

The last illuminator that will catch your eye is the Univivi IR Illuminator 8-LEDs. This is a great option for you if you want to get a compact illuminator for a small space. This illuminator has a total of 8 LEDs and a range of 85 feet. It is also mounted to a rotating bracket to get the best angles. However, the projection angle is quite narrow.



To sum it all up, getting an IR illuminator for your home security camera is a great idea. It allows you to maximize the night vision of your security camera which leads to better image production. The best IR illuminator for security camera is out there waiting for you.