Speed Up The Troubleshooting with FLIR DM284-FLEX-KIT Professional Imaging Multimeter

Get problem when inspecting the electrical issues or electronic problems? Do not know how to deal with it easily? Getting confused about how to find the exact problems happen in your daily life?

Take the FLIR DM284 FLEX-KIT professional imaging multimeter that will help you to do thorough inspection so that you can pinpoint the problem precisely at once. This high-tech equipment is specially designed to make your work faster and safer.

We all know that the FLIR DM284-FLEX-KIT professional imaging multimeter is a kind of the equipment in which it functions as the thermal imager and digital multimeter.

Provided with the mentioned features, you will get more advantages when using this equipment as it is instructed in the labels.

To work at best, this equipment comes with the rechargeable battery and the flex clamp probe so that you can speed up the troubleshooting in attempt to pinpoint the problem.

General Overview

Featured by the IGM (Infrared Guided Measurement), the FLIR DM284-FLEX-KIT professional imaging multimeter is designed with the built in camera with resolution 160×120 of FLIR thermal imager.

This apparently helps you to determine the exact position where the electrical problem happens. With IGM, you just need to scan the panel connector so that you can work safely in distance.

Once you find the trouble, the FLIR DM284 will confirm the finding so that the complex issues can be dealt with fast.

Not only in electrical issues, the FLIR DM284-FLEX-KIT professional imaging multimeter can be applicable in some problems just like the light industrial, HVAC work and electronics issue.

In dealing with its physical appearance, it is stated that the equipment has dimension of 14x19x8 inches with the power source is corded-electric. The weight of the equipment is 1,5 pounds so that it is not quite heavy to bring everywhere.

Key Features

As briefly stated above, the FLIR DM284-FLEX-KIT professional imaging multimeter has special features that make this equipment is recommended to purchase. Below are some features you will find in this equipment if you observe the equipment thoroughly.

  1. The energy source of this equipment uses the Lithium rechargeable battery and the flex clamp probe
  2. All-in-one equipment so that you can take the advantages of the thermal imager just in one equipment
  3. As you use the FLIR DM284-FLEX-KIT professional imaging multimeter, you have to see in precise with th 160×120 pixels. Here, you can make a use of the thermal imager to spot the troubles.
  4. The equipment includes approximately 18 functions DMM such as LoZ, VFD mode, NCV and true RMS
  5. View electrical and thermal thermocouple to do inspection simultaneously

Pros And Cons

As it comes to pros and cons, most people are found satisfied when using the FLIR DM284-FLEX-KIT professional imaging multimeter.

In dealing with it, the equipment is supported with the long battery so that it can withstand for longer period of time, approximately 6 hours long.

To comment the equipment, some others tell that the product has the great thermal camera that helps you to capture the images.

Unlike the pros that fall into the positive comments, it is considered that the FLIR DM284-FLEX-KIT professional imaging multimeter has the cons that make the customer purchases the product.

In this case, the low resolution makes the customer does not feel so good when working with this equipment to inspect the hot spot. Unfortunately, the battery itself indicates the duration in which you use the equipment.

It means that when your battery just stands for 15 minutes, you are allowed to use the product for 15 minutes as well.

In accordance with cons, there are some customers deliver the complaint about the rechargeable battery. It means that most of them find difficult to change the battery.

What you have to do is to deal with the screwdrivers to take out the black plate. This happens to those who surely do not know about this problem.

Then, having known about this problem, you can fix it and get used with FLIR DM284-FLEX-KIT professional imaging multimeter.


                There are so many pros and cons in dealing with the customers’ satisfaction. Again, the FLIR DM284-FLEX-KIT professional imaging multimeter is specially designed with the latest technology so that it can be used to find out the hot spots quickly.

Once the problem has been detected, you need to inspect it and draw the conclusion as fast as possible. Since the product is considered to be helpful, it is worth purchasing.