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FLIR C3 Review


Personally I have a crush with this pocket camera, if you looking for FLIR C3 review this post is for you. FLIR C3 pocket thermal imaging camera is the best option for you who want to work efficiently and effectively in determining the problem in dealing with the energy leaks, air infiltration, plumbing issues, hot fuses and many more. 

This is absolutely useful for the people who want to go for building inspection and maintenance so that all the problems will be solved as soon as possible. Again, as you purchase the FLIR C3, you will get the pouch to carry the equipment everywhere, the power supply, the lanyard, the USB cable and the tripod mount.

What makes this equipment looks amazing and can be relied on is the ability to produce the printed document that later is addressed as the report of further inspection. As this equipment is designed with the WiFi connectivity, it helps you to find the hidden problems and to share the images.

This equipment is easily used for the many people since special practice is not required, designed for you to inspect the building problems, HVAC, facilities maintenance and electric repair. To surprise you, this product is also attached with the MSX real time image that is highly sensitive to the WiFi connectivity so that it can help you to do inspection faster.


Key Features

These following points below briefly talk about the features found in the equipment as it is used properly.

  • WiFi connectivity

FLIR C3  is designed with the WiFi feature in which it gives you more advantages in doing the job.

In this regard, you can upload and share the inspection of the critical issues found in your surroundings to your client. This becomes the major report to consider further.

  • Equipped with the MSX image enhancement

FLIR C3 also comes with the MSX image enhancement so that it will produce the clearer images.

Furthermore, as you take the advantages of this equipment, you can determine the problem instantly. With MSX, you can also go for streaming or watching the video.

  • Finding the maximum and minimum area

With the FLIR C3 you can quickly determine which area is the coldest and the hottest one. It can be seen from the spotmeter as it is displayed accurately.


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There are so many people found themselves satisfied when applying FLIR C3 . This camera is amazingly impressive, if you think that you need to deal with the instant way-out in finding the problems in your surroundings such as energy leaks and many more, you can take the advantages of this camera. As you use this product to inspect any daily issues, you can prevent from the serious problem in the future.