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FLIR E6 Review

Most of you might frequently encounter the problem in dealing with the plumbing issues, electrical insulation and moisture intrusion that cause the energy loss. Unluckily, it is quite hard to determine which part is out of order and need repairing.

Thanks for FLIR E6 with compact design thermal imaging camera for its advanced technology to do some inspections efficiently and effectively so that the problem can be fixed as soon as possible.

It is also said that the FLIR E6 with compact design thermal imaging camera is designed with the MSX thermal images so that you can reveal the problems more clearly.

The MSX camera itself is very powerful, easy-to-use and cost-effective that is equipped with the four resolutions that range from 80×60 px up to 320×420 px.

With the help of MSX camera, you can target the object more precisely and the detailed images captured by the camera can directly be shared with WiFi connectivity at once.


General Overview

The MSX (Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging) camera will show you the image in real time. In this case, with the FLIR E6 with compact design thermal imaging camera, you can also see the letters, numbers, textures and some other details that lead you to learn more about the problem.

Since you come to decision to take the advantages of MSX camera, you will no longer need the radiometric data because the anomalies can be easily detected and the analysis can be done. At the end of the day, the conclusion can be drawn as soon as possible.


Key Features

With high-tech designed within, the FLIR E6 with compact design thermal imaging camera is built with so many key features. The key features include some aspects as they are stated as follow.

  • WiFi connectivity

In this case, the FLIR E6 with compact design thermal imaging camera can connect via WiFi, so that you can share the images and then send any reports easier than before. Just connect to the smart phone or your tablet, you can share it to the clients with no worries. This helps you to make decision as quickly as possible.

  • The MSX feature

With MSX feature, you can see the detail on the screen easily. Here, you will see the structural features just like the depth, precision and focus. You will also see some other details such as the numbers, signage and labels as you capture the particular spot with the MSX camera.

  • Easy to use

What you will find as you take the FLIR E6 with compact design thermal imaging camera into consideration is about the on-screen navigation and the simple button to navigate the equipment. As you capture the image, you can save it in the form of JPEGs. To surprise you, the camera will work at best even if you are wearing the gloves.

  • Warranty

It is undeniable that the camera is built with the critical components so that it can be easily broken when it is not used properly. To deal with it, you get the 2 years warranty on labor and part, 5 years warranty on battery and 10 years warranty on detector.


What We Like About This Camera

Most customers are satisfied enough due to the IR camera that works very well.

The camera itself can inspect the problems found at home. In dealing the price, the equipment is worth buying and you will get more features and high sensitivity.

The image produced by the thermal imaging camera is very impressive since it offers the detailed information.






The FLIR E6 with compact design thermal imaging camera is considered to be helpful for everyone who wants to do inspection with detail information.

In this case, you can take the advantages of the thermal camera to pinpoint the problems in particular areas. So, this equipment is worth buying in accordance with its advantages and features.