Easy To Use FLIR E8 Compact Thermal Imaging Camera for The Affordably and Quickly Inspection

Do you commonly find the problem in dealing with the energy loss, structural issues due to the overheating electrical or moisture intrusion? If you once ever experience this problem in life, it is the right time for you to take the advantages of the FLIR E8 compact thermal imaging camera in which it is specially designed for the most appropriate way-out to do inspection more affordably and quickly so that you can prevent from the danger in advance.

In recent days, FLIR has introduced the high-tech equipments which are named as FLIR E4, E5, E6 as well as E8. All the mentioned FLIR E8 compact thermal imaging camera above are specially designed with the infrared camera so that you can detect the problem in accordance with the trouble shooting found in the buildings or electrical installation.

Thus, this equipment is highly recommended for you who want to check the problem with your surroundings.

General Overview

It is undeniable that the structural issues, overheating equipments due to excessive use of mechanical equipments and energy loss are the most commonly found in the daily life.

This greatly affects to the financial and energy used during the particular time. Thanks to FLIR E8 compact thermal imaging camera as it comes out as the best answer for the customers to deal with those mentioned problems.

We all know that the FLIR E6, E5, E4 and E8 are the best infrared camera designed with the latest technology to save the costs and times when doing the troubleshooting. This easy-to-use equipment is equipped with the four camera resolution in which it ranges from 80×60 pixels up to 320×240 pixels.

With different ranges of pixels, the FLIR E8 compact thermal imaging camera is suitable with the working distance and the target size so that the detailed information can be obtained.

To surprise you, the FLIR E8 compact thermal imaging camera also comes with the WiFi so that you can share the images faster than before and do more critical decision more quickly.

This feature also apparently comes with the MSX image enhancement in which it will help you to get more detailed information in the form of the image as you pinpoint the camera to the object being observed.

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Key Features

Designed with the most advanced technology, the FLIR E8 compact thermal imaging camera has some impressive features. Below are some of them in which they are strongly helpful for you to do a thorough inspection.

  1. WiFi connectivity

With the help of WiFi connectivity, you can share the images and send the report as quickly as possible. This is greatly useful for you to make quick decision on how to deal with the problem found in the inspection.

  • MSX (Multi Spectral Dynamic Imaging)

To get more detailed images on what is being inspected, the use of MSX is found very helpful. Here, you can find the structural features just like incredible depth, precision and focus.

  • Easy to use

Even if you are wearing gloves when working, the FLIR E8 compact thermal imaging camera is still working well. In addition, this equipment is also designed with the simple buttons that are strongly related to the on-screen board so that you can operate more easily with the focus-free lens as well.

  • Warranty

As you purchase this product, you will get 2 years warranty since this product is designed with the camera’s critical components. In addition, for the battery, you will get 5 years warranty and 10 years warranty for the detectors since it greatly plays the major role in the use of this equipment.

Pros And Cons

Pros and cons apparently become the major discussion when purchasing the FLIR E8 compact thermal imaging camera.

When it deals with cons, it is said that some customers say that the equipment used in the home inspection business works only a year and problem arises in the following year such as cable malfunction and randomly camera shuts off.

While some others think that this equipment does not provide the excellent service, the rest customers say that the FLIR E8 compact thermal imaging camera is found very helpful when doing the inspection in accordance with poor construction and many more. It is because the equipment can enhance the energy efficiency.


If you are in need of the FLIR E8 compact thermal imaging camera to make a quick decision, you are suggested to purchase this equipment even if some of customers find this equipment is not greatly helpful.

With the appropriate use of the product, you can do inspection faster than before so that the problem can be dealt with faster.