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flir mr160

FLIR MR160 Review

When it comes to determining the number of moisture in the particular things such as woods, the wall of building and the environment temperature, you can take the advantages of the FLIR MR160 IGM moisture meter.

With the use of this equipment, you can measure the moisture without disturbing the floors, joints and walls. As you make an attempt to locate the cold spots, you can easily determine the problem caused by the moisture.

If you see the FLIR MR160 IGM moisture meter in detail, you will discover the amazing feature of the 80×60 lepton thermal imaging camera equipped with the Infrared Guided Measurement so that you can find the cold spots easily.

To measure the moisture in the particular area, the use of pin probe for non-contact and contact moisture measurements is advisable. The report of the in-depth analysis can be obtained from the free FLIR tools and the downloaded data and images. The images are saved in the form of BMP.


General Overview

Do you frequently discover the problem of pooling and condensation in some specific parts of your house and surroundings? If you get puzzled about these two problems, the FLIR MR160 IGM moisture meter is the best equipment which can be used to measure the moisture.

Using the Infrared Guided Measurement (IGM) with the pinless sensor, will let you know more where you need to take the right moisture measurements.

As mentioned above that the FLIR MR160 IGM moisture meter does have the integrated sensor and laser pointer so that it is helpful to center the thermal image so that you can take the images in the right center for the purpose of in-depth analysis.

To sum up, knowing about the moisture of the particular parts, you can reduce the problem of moisture so that the further risk can be hindered in advance.


Key Features

FLIR MR160 IGM moisture meter is designed with the advance features. Below are some features you can get if you purchase this equipment to measure the moisture.

  • Designed With IGM

The Infrared Guided Measurement (IGM) is well-designed with the 80×60 lepton thermal imager that pinpoints the cold spot. It is because of the live infrared is capable of identifying the moisture so that you will know accurately where to measure the moisture.

  • The Non-Invasive Moisture Measurement

Find out if the cold spots are associated with the moisture that causes the problem of the wall, ceiling, floors or joints. Then, with the FLIR MR160 IGM moisture meter, you can pinpoint the exact area of the potential problems.

  • Wide Angle Thermal Imaging Camera

Taking into account of this advanced equipment, it is said that this product is equipped with the built-in camera. To surprise you, the camera has the wide angle so that it can store the images until 9,999BMP. In the other side, the automatic calibration will allow you to be 4 inches closer to the target.

  • Compact Design And Durable

If you observe the FLIR MR160 IGM moisture meter, you will see that this product is designed with the compact design and is perfectly fit to attach in the tool belt as well as toolbox. To prove the confidence of the product, the company provides the warranty for any possible problems.

  • Powerful Battery

To keep the condition of the battery in the optimum state, the internal rechargeable battery needs to recharge for 18 hours. Such condition will let you to work approximately for one month without requiring recharging.






If you really want to work faster and more effective than before to determine the cold spot that causes the possible moisture in some parts of the house or environment, you can take the advantages of the FLIR MR160 IGM moisture meter. This equipment is well-designed for most people who need the accurate reading of the moisture meter.