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FLIR TG167 Review


Everyday problems come out to be the most crucial things to deal with. The insulation leaks, possible intruders and door leaks are those things you need to solve as quickly as possible.

To overcome these problems, the FLIR TG167 spot thermal camera is strongly recommended to purchase due to the advanced technology within. Thus, you are no longer worried about the unnoticeable problems ahead which may harm your life.

Most people say that the FLIR TG167 spot thermal camera brings many advantages in life just like the instructor working in machinery modification department that uses this product to check the instrument reliability.

To sum up, this is very important to have if you really want to save the energy loss from many kinds of the electrical sources even if you are not a technical expert. 


General Overview

It has been long debatable among the customers about the wide gap between the FLIR’s legendary thermal cameras and the infrared thermometers. To answer this matter, the FLIR TG167 spot thermal camera comes out into the public as the product that can do many things with the help of the advanced technology called Lepton thermal sensor.

As the product is equipped with this technology, it is said that you can pinpoint the target of the heat so that it instantly can be solved.

As you purchase the FLIR TG167 spot thermal camera, you will also get so many things inside such as the wrist lanyard, 8GB MicroSD card and power supply of the separate USB cable.

Since this camera is equipped with the 8GB MicroSD, you can save the captured images and print it in the form of document as printed report. This makes the FLIR TG167 is totally different from any other sophisticated appliances.


Key Features

When it comes to key features of the FLIR TG167 spot thermal camera, there are so many things you can take into consideration as the encouragement to purchase this advanced high-tech product.

Below are some features you will never realize after you try to make a use of this product. No need special practice before applying the product.

  1. This product can work the best in the particular temperature ranging from -25 up to 380 degrees of Celcius
  2. The advanced FLIR TG167 spot thermal camera is designed with the 80×60 IR resolution
  3. The product comes with the instrument compartment to protect from any possible extremes
  4. With the thermal sensitivity is <150mK, this product uses the Lithium Rechargeable battery


What We Like About This Camera

  • Reduce the blind guesswork

It is absolutely dangerous when you go for blind guesswork since it always deals with prediction. You cannot exactly determine where the problem is located. With the FLIR TG167, you can spot the exact part of the heat comes from.

  • Handle the high temperature more securely

With FLIR TG167 spot thermal camera, you are no longer necessary to go closer to the heat source. In this regard, you can measure the hot spots ranging to 716 degrees Fahrenheit in the safest place.

  • Do for streamline documentation

To have detailed information or report about the thorough investigation, you can capture and measure the images that later be transferred to the computer via USB cable or SDcard.

  • Reliable and rugged

Unlike some other high-tech appliances, this product offers 10 years warranty. In addition, this product is considered to be durable and compact so that it can be packed in the crowded bag.

  • Easily detect the electrical issues

If you discover something wrong with your home insulation, you can detect these electrical issues easily with the FLIR TG167 spot thermal camera. What you have to do is just simply position the equipment to the insulation and you can locate where the problem is.






It is said that the FLIR TG167 spot thermal camera is very useful for the people who want to prevent the danger due to so many causes.

This product is very beneficial for you who want to get prepared for the problems that may happen in the near future.