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Seek Thermal Reveal Review


Seek Thermal Reveal is specially designed for the consumers as well as the commercial applications that in need of help finding the energy loss.

With the affordable and sophisticated design, this product is produced by the 40-years company that experience in designing the product with the advance thermal technologies.

With the thermal imaging camera, you can get many benefits that most people are now hoping for. In this regard, this product aims at handheld security night and day and energy audits.

As you take the advantages of this product, you will save more energy and money for the future. Thus, this product is worth having as you need more safety for your life with the efficient energy consumption.


General Overview

When it comes to Seek Thermal Reveal, you will see the powerful tech of the 206 x 156 sensor to detect the energy loss found in your environment. Equipped with rechargeable battery, this product will last for approximately 10 hours.

To make you detect the problem easier, this product is also equipped with the large color display so that you can save the time and run the crucial job as fast as possible.

Key Features

As it is considered as the most prominent product to save the energy leaks in your surroundings, the Seek Thermal Reveal camera is introduced with so many amazing features.

These features surely will help you to do the job. Here are some key features you may not know before.

  1. Designed with the ergonomic grip to create the focus what right in front of you is. This also helps you not to lose the clear sight of anything around you as well.
  2. Equipped with customizable settings that will make your job run well. These settings include power usage, light levels, image setting and many more.
  3. With the state-of-art technology, the Seek Thermal Reveal has 12u pixel pitch
  4. Enjoy transferring, storing and sharing your images easily
  5. The rubberized casing makes you easy to work and to go where you are
  6. The ergonomic grip also helps you to know more as you angle the display head up
  7. With the infrared technology, an amazing 300-lumen LED light, this product can help you to see in the dark.
  8. Capture the impressive image in different color palettes then you can transfer it via USB cable to the micro SD
  9. Available for 1 year warranty 


What We Like About This Camera

Designed with the advanced technology : The Seek Thermal Reveal is designed with the 2016 x 156 sensor to detect any energy leaks with the rechargeable battery that lasts until 10 hours long. Since it is equipped with the advanced technology of the thermal images, this allows you to see the source of the heat and energy leaks in the dark more precisely. In addition, the 300-lumen LED light also helps you to see what around you is.

Find the missing insulation faster than before : As you press the button on, you will be able to pinpoint the missing insulation faster only for 3 minutes, so that you can save your money and energy. This will never be found in any other product, but Seek Thermal Reveal only.

Diagnose the electrical overloads easily : When you are confused on finding the problem with electrical shorts and overloads, you can take the advantages of Seek Thermal Reveal which is equipped with the 32,000 thermal pixels. This product will work best in the range of thermal environment from -400 up to 6260 Fahrenheit.

Spot the danger more easily : To know what the animals or enemies that threaten you life, you can use the thermal imaging camera. With the advanced technology, this product will enhance your safety throughout the night.





When you want to diagnose any danger in the near future and to spot the energy leaks or anything, you can take into account the Seek Thermal Reveal.

This product is designed for you to save your energy and time so that you can fix all the problems that may happen in the future.