Seek Thermal XR Imager: It’s Now Easier, As It Is Attached With The Smartphone

The growing technology greatly influences the world as there are so many most sophisticated products come out in the public. One of the most prominent product is the seek thermal XR imager for iOS-Apple since this product can detect the unseen energy around us.

Equipped with the latest technology, this product is designed with the infrared so that it will help you to do the job smarter, faster and safer.

Designed with the black color, this product has one year warranty due to the manufacturer defects. Thus, you will get the problem fixed with no charges when you find the problem during the particular period of time.

General Overview

The seek thermal XR imager for iOS-Apple is made for the purpose of helping the people to pinpoint the wildlife, predators as well as to identify the intruders.

This multipurpose camera is designed with the 7 inches in length, 4 inches in width and 2 inches. Since it has 2 pound in weight, this sophisticated product is easy to carry to everywhere.

The technology of the iOS XR imager greatly helps you to capture the very best spots and the things around you. As you purchase the seek thermal XR imager for iOS-Apple, you will get more advantages of the waterproof case.

To surprise you, this product is very compatible with some smart phones such as iPhone XS Max, 8, 6,­  6s Plus, 6 Plus, 5, 5c, 5s, SE, XR, XS and iPhone X.

Key Features

Since the seek thermal XR imager for iOS-Apple is designed with the advanced technology and compatible with most of the latest model of smart phone launched by Apple, this product has a lot of key features. Below are some features you need to know more.

  1. This product best works in the temperature ranging from -40 up to 626 degrees Fahrenheit so that it is absolutely easy for you who want to track the wildlife, predators and the unexpected intruders
  2. Comparing to Seek Compact, the CompactXR’s narrow can work in the outdoor that will provide you with the detection range until 1800 feet
  3. The seek thermal XR imager for iOS-Apple is a kind of the most advanced technology that will transfer the data obtained by capturing the pictures in the particular conditions. Then, with the infrared technology, all those unseen things will be translated in the form of the visible pictures in your smart phone easily
  4. The product is protected by the waterproof case so that you are not necessarily worried about its condition when caught by rain
  5. It is said that the product can produce the long wave infrared ranging from 7.2 up to 13 microns and the thermal detection ranging from -40 until 626 Fahrenheit
  6. The seek thermal XR imager for iOS-Apple is equipped with 206×156 thermal sensor and the vanadium oxide microbolometer with 12µ pixel pitch

Pros And Cons

Most people argue that the seek thermal XR imager for iOS-Apple is extremely helpful to do the crucial jobs of discovering the unseen things with the help of the infrared technology.

This is what makes this product looks amazing and sophisticated for most people. In addition, designed with the latest technology, we need to send the special thanks for this product is compatible with the highly advanced smart phone introduced by the Apple.

When most people give the positive effect on this product, it is said that many cons arise due to some reasons.

It is said that the seek thermal XR imager for iOS-Apple causes the problem of cancer and the birth defects due to the chemical expose. Further problems in dealing with the misuse of this product will cause the reproductive harm.


This product gains the positive reviews from the customers and this is another good consideration for you who want to buy the seek thermal XR imager for iOS-Apple.

As it is designed with the most latest technology and be compatible with the smart phone, the product can help you to detect all the intruders, wildlife and the predators that may harm your life. So, if you think that this product is worth having, grab it now!